Addiction causes major changes to your brain chemistry, judgment, and emotional wellbeing that can lead to serious consequences. All psychoactive substances, even legal and prescription ones, carry the risk of dependency. While the exact cause of addiction is unknown, certain factors can increase your risk of developing a substance abuse disorder. Have you ever wondered, does my loved one need addiction treatment? Chances are you’re noticing a need to reach out to a drug addiction treatment center.

For instance, having a mental health disorder or a close family member with an addiction can make you more prone to acquiring a substance abuse problem. With just under half of all Americans having a family member or close friend with a physical or psychological dependency, addiction impacts a large portion of Americans each year.

The Stages of Addiction

Addiction starts with your first use and ends with a physical or psychological dependency. When you use a psychoactive substance for the first time, your brain connects the substance with pleasure. The reason why is because drugs and alcohol force your brain to release too many neurotransmitters. This overwhelms your mind and body and leads to intoxication.

When you begin regularly using a substance, your brain associates people, places, and things that remind you of it with pleasure. This association leads to cravings, which are most potent when you’re exposed to triggers or aren’t intoxicated. Once you develop an addiction, you continue to abuse your substance of choice compulsively. Even if it leads to damaging consequences, and you have a strong desire to get clean and sober.

Physical addictions cause uncomfortable, painful, and potentially life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. It can make it extremely hard to stop using without help from a residential drug addiction rehab center program. Cravings also intensify when you stop using, as resuming your use will immediately stop the detox process.

Does My Loved One Need Addiction Treatment?

When you wonder does my loved one need addiction treatment, it’s likely a sign that you’re noticing symptoms of a substance abuse disorder in a family member.

Common symptoms of addiction can include:

  • Using when you first wake up
  • Lying about your substance use
  • Spending excessive amounts of time and money using or acquiring drugs and/or alcohol
  • Denying you have a substance abuse problem
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you stop using
  • Increasing your use as your tolerance builds

Wondering does my loved one need addiction treatment can be scary, as you can feel powerless to help your loved one. However, substance abuse treatment is highly effective in treating addiction. Addiction treatment center programs offer things like family and marital counseling, which can help establish healthy boundaries.

Another benefit of family and marital counseling is that it ensures that all family members receive education, support, and education about addiction and recovery. Since cravings and triggers can occur long after your last use, loved ones need to learn how to identify signs of a relapse.

Unfortunately, relapsing is relatively standard. But engaging in family and marital therapy during substance abuse treatment provides you the ability to understand how you can best support your loved one without neglecting your personal, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Finding the Best Substance Abuse Treatment Today

If you’re struggling with the question does my loved one need addiction treatment, it’s important to reach out for help. Addiction can impact families and increase the chances of family members developing problems with codependency. Helping your loved one connect with a treatment program and assisting them in choosing the right program is the best thing you can do to help because addiction treatment works.

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