If you use alcohol regularly, then you may want to know more about the effects it can have on your well-being. Most people know about the dangers of alcohol addiction and the detrimental effects it has on your body. From the effects on the brain to the increased risk of cancer, there is well-documented research indicating alcohol abuse has many negative physical side effects. However, you may not have thought much about alcohol and exercise. You should be aware of these three dangers of alcohol and exercise.


When you exercise, you lose a lot of fluids. You are moving around more frequently during exercise, and with the increased movement comes a lot of sweating. When you sweat, you lose things like sodium, potassium, and chloride, electrolytes, and minerals. As you lose electrolytes, it needs to be replaced with plenty of fluids such as water or sports drinks. However, alcohol is not a good thing to replace the lost fluids because it can have the opposite effect on your body. Instead of hydrating you, it dehydrates you. The reason for this occurring is that alcohol is a diuretic. So, when you exercise and use alcohol, you run the risk of becoming dehydrated.

Accidents and Injuries

When you drink alcohol, you impair your judgment, reflexes, and ability to react properly to things. Alcohol also slows down your cognition and bodily reactions. As you know, doing any exercise can be challenging and dangerous. If you are trying new activities during your exercise regimen, it is especially risky. Because you are impaired at the same time that you’re exercising, you run the risk of having an accident. In some ways, it’s similar to what happens when a person drinks and drives. There is a chance you could slip and fall, or if you’re working with weights, you could drop the weight on yourself.

When drinking alcohol while exercising, you run the risk of twisting your muscles in the wrong manner and causing a great deal of pain and injury.

Body Fails to Recuperate

Exercise works your muscles in tremendous ways. When you participate in high-intensity workouts, you create temporary muscle damage. You tear a bit of your muscle to build it back up and make it stronger. So, after a particularly strenuous workout, you need to replenish those muscles and restore all the lost fuel. Your muscles are depleted but can be restocked if addressed properly. However, alcohol and exercise defeat that goal because alcohol does not provide adequate nutrition to your muscles.

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