Common Co-occurring Issues Faced by Women

At Crestview Recovery in Oregon, we offer dual diagnosis treatment and a gender-specific women’s rehab center so that women can address co-occurring issues in a safe space. We offer a women’s only program because many women feel safer in groups of other women. Contact Crestview Recovery in Portland to learn more about drug addiction treatment for women by calling 866.580.4160. WOMEN’S CO-OCCURRING…

young woman exercises during no alcohol november

The Benefits of No Alcohol November

Sober October, Wineless Wednesdays, and No Alcohol November may sound like silly catchphrases, but there is much behind these sobriety-celebrating movements. Giving up alcohol for November can put you in a clearer frame of mind for the holiday season and help you jumpstart a few New Year’s resolutions. Here are several benefits that come from…


About Perspectives: A Time for Change Virtual Addiction Conference

Hello everybody and welcome to this week’s episode of Perspective Matters: This Week in Behavioral Healthcare. I’m your host Glenn Hadley with Southworth Associates. I just want to take a brief minute to thank our sponsors not only for the show but also for the upcoming event, “Perspectives: A Time For Change.”   We’re just…